Our Ethos

The Swivel Joint provides our patrons with the ultimate entertainment environment by creating a new gold standard for entertainment and exceeding expectations at every opportunity.  Many food and beverage establishments are known for one specialty or novelty creation, whether it be great food, a unique drink, live music, or welcoming atmosphere.  The Swivel Joint will provide a full suite of exceptional services and products; each setting us apart in their special own way.  We offer something for people from all backgrounds, ages, preferences, and tastes. 


Integrity is of the upmost importance to our family.  We have thoughtfully curated a selection of only the finest craft beers, cocktails, wines and foods while offering a unique, authentic, and genuinely hill country atmosphere revolving around great tastes, experiences, and live musical entertainment.  Our amenities, customer service, and entertainment offerings will be unsurpassed and ever evolving and improving.  


Community is at the core of our values.  We provide an environment where everyone feels at home, wether relaxing after a long work day with a beverage, or enjoying live music at one of our stages.  Our customers are a huge part of what makes us great!  The Swivel Joint is an establishment that treats our guests with the same value, respect and hospitality that we would expect if we were a guest in their homes.  Bigotry, sexism, or disrespectful behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.  If any complaints are made they will be handles quickly and professionally.  Any unruly guests will be kindly, yet firmly asked to safely leave the premises.  We all have rough days, and unless poor behavior becomes habitual for any individual, guests will be welcomed back when they have had a day to cool down and reflect on their actions, and hopefully find a newfound respect for their fellow patrons.      


The Swivel Joint couldn't be happier to be a part the amazing Altra campus, along with all the great outdoors and extracurricular activities it has to offer.  That being said, our property is not an open carry establishment.  So, for everyones' safety please kindly leave your firearms and bows at home or store them in a safe place before entering our establishment and/or consuming alcohol.